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Twitch star jokes that Adam Levine, up to his usual games, slid in her OnlyFans DMs

It wouldn't be the first time he slid into an attractive woman' DMs.

(L) Adam Levine in all black (R) Amouranth in an exposing baby blue tank top
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret, Instagram/kaitgonewild

One more woman has come forward claiming what several others have already alleged to be true: that Adam Levine has a problem flirting with women who aren’t his wife.

Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, known on social media as Amouranth, added her voice to the chorus of people publically partaking in the Twitter roast of Adam Levine, saying, “I recognize this guy from my OnlyFans DMs.”

Amouranth, who has over seven and a half million followers across her various platforms, did not elaborate on whether this meant Levine reached out to her personally or just resembled the kind of guy who typically reaches out to her. If Levine did slide into her direct messages, though, hardly anyone can say they are surprised at this point.

Just this week, Levine was accused of cheating on his wife of eight years, Behati Prinsloo with Instagram model and TikTok star, Sumner Stroh. Stroh claimed she and Levine partook in a year-long affair, and after several months of not talking even asked if he could name his unborn son after her. “Quite frankly I feel exploited,” she said. “My morals were unknowingly compromised.”

Levine disputed Stroh’s claims, denying any involvement in an affair, but did admit he “crossed the line.” Not long after, more women added their name to the growing roster of recipients to Levine’s flirtatious texting habits. Since then, some of his most cringe-worthy texts have been placed under a microscope and his past involvement in a movie about a rockstar musician cheating on his girlfriend has suddenly become Alanis-Morissette-ironic.

Behati Prinsloo has remained noticeably silent on her husband’s fall from grace. The two have been married since 2014 and share two children together with a third on the way. In the past, Prinsloo has referred to their relationship as “love at first sight” and even expressed the desire to have five children with her “best friend,” according to Entertainment Tonight. If Twitch star, Amouranth comes forward with evidence of flirtatious advances from Levine, he and Prinsloo may never get past their third child and it could be very dark times ahead for the famous pair, but maybe she’s the one woman Adam Levine hasn’t hit up.

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