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15 of the best memes to come from The Game Awards 2022

This year's Game Awards were filled with so many funny moments that nobody expected.

Flute guy al pachino bill clinton the game awards
Images via the Game Awards

The 2022 Game Awards came with amazing moments, such as Halsey’s performance during Diablo IV‘s presentation, and more previews for the upcoming Super Mario Bros Movie. Alongside the iconic moments, some entertained us at the side. Whether that may be surprise guests, weird stage presentations, or technological stuff, this year’s award show came with the funniest memes that gamers wouldn’t forget.

Let’s be real, Al Pachino’s appearance on The Game Awards stage was entertaining. The poor guy seemed confused to be there and admitted that “he wasn’t a gamer.” The fact that he was the big opening speaker during the night was entertaining to watch, to say the least. What a way to start the night.

Speaking of the start of the Game Awards, the internet will never forget when “MILF Hunter” was one of the early winners of the Steam Deck. That username trended on Twitter for obvious reasons.

Let’s give a shout-out to the “flute guy, ” who was part of the orchestra when they performed the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 theme song. Sure, he’s not as epic as Eurovision’s Epic Sax Guy. But, his enthusiasm when he played his instrument is something worth remembering. Gamers can agree that he won the entire night.

Someone who didn’t receive the same love to ‘flute guy’ is the “Bill Clinton Kid,” who managed to slip onstage alongside the Elden Ring developers when they won Game of The Year. Fortunately, he was arrested, but fans were shocked to see this random kid mention the former US president on stage.

The Game Awards was filled with plenty of random moments that not everyone expected. But, you know what, that’s what makes it entertaining. It’s organic, fresh, and boy is it better than the boring scripted stuff we saw in this year’s Oscars. If you want to catch up on the big moments that happened that night, you can view them here.

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