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The Xbox Series X is still in stock at these sites

Gamers, rejoice!

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It’s a Black Friday miracle! The Xbox Series X is still in stock at select sites, but you need to act fast if you want one.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting yours, this could be your moment. The giant among giants of the retail world, Walmart, has Microsoft’s next-generation console listed on its site. As of 10:30am EST, there were still consoles in stock, but those weren’t expected to last much longer.

Stock Informer, which tracks sales on several sites, lists the Microsoft Store and StockX as the only places where you can still buy the Series X, though Walmart had the console listed as available for purchase on its site. Amazon’s listing for the system is “available by invitation.”

It’s been a bountiful Black Friday for gamers this year. Not only can you finally get your hands on the next-gen Xbox, but the elusive Sony PlayStation 5 has been much easier to nab than at any point over the past two years. 

Between the two systems, these have given gamers headaches just to find them in stock. It’s been akin to buying hard-to-get concert tickets than gaming consoles. The low availability has resulted in mad dashes for the refresh key as potential buyers counted down the seconds on their browsers, hoping to get a crack at owning one. 

Those opting for the brick-and-mortar route have found it nearly impossible to get their hands on either system. A year ago, it was not uncommon to find patrons lining up the night before, setting up tents, and sleeping on sidewalks to get an Xbox Series X or a PS5. Even then, there were no guarantees of success, which made for many frustrated gamers.

It all stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic. During the 2020 lockdowns, like many other manufacturers, Sony and Microsoft found it difficult to get all the parts needed to build their respective consoles. It resulted in a small output, and stores would typically get around 50 of each system in stock at a time. Naturally, that caused a huge spike in demand, which we are still seeing two years after the initial launch dates for both consoles. 

All that being said, rejoice, gamers, because today could be your day if you act quickly.

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