Warner Bros. Announces It: Chapter Two Home Video Release Date

Pennywise IT

While it didn’t perhaps achieve the critical or commercial success it was predicted to, It: Chapter Two remains one of the biggest releases of the year. The Stephen King adaptation, which may still get a follow-up now has a home video release date, and it’s surprisingly soon.

It: Chapter Two will be available on digital platforms from November 19th, and will then be released via 4K, DVD and Blu-Ray Combo Packs on December 10th. The quick release is likely due to Warner Bros. wanting to capitalize on the continued prominence of the sequel in the public eye, and to push through pre-Christmas sales for one of its major titles of 2019.

Pre-orders are already available at major retail and streaming outlets ahead of the November release, while a special steelbook edition can also be found via Best Buy. In terms of special features, there’ll be a number of audio-visual enhancements to the film’s cinematic version. Most notably, the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray comes with Dolby Vision HDR, which significantly boosts the available color palette and contrast for the picture, while also optimizing each frame for the ideal quality. Furthermore, Warner Bros. are packaging It: Chapter Two with HDR10+ to improve the brightness levels for different scenes. There’ll also be a Dolby Atmos remix of the audio track for the movie.

Bonus material on the 4K set includes featurettes on Pennywise and the Losers’ Club, as well as behind-the-scenes material on the making of both parts of the It franchise, as well as an Andy Muschietti commentary track. The DVD special edition comes with featurettes but no commentary and for now, the rumored supercut of both halves of It isn’t available, but could still appear on future releases.

It: Chapter Two fans and those who missed the theatrical release have a lot to look forward to, then, while Stephen King and horror junkies also have plenty to be excited about. Just some of the King titles coming out in theaters, television, and online before the end of the year include Doctor Sleep,  Castle Rock, and the Creepshow anthology series, while there’ll be plenty more projects related to the Master of Horror coming our way in 2020, including a new version of The Stand.