Deadpool May Make His MCU Debut In Thor: Love And Thunder

Deadpool Thor

Now that we know Deadpool will be appearing in the MCU some time before the third installment of his individual franchise, fans are left to speculate which film he’ll be making his long-awaited debut in. Our sources – the same ones who told us about those Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk shows before Marvel revealed them – say that it’s currently undecided which 2021 MCU movie will be lucky enough to welcome Wade Wilson into the cinematic universe, but it stands to reason that Thor: Love and Thunder could make the most sense.

The flick is already set to enact some huge changes to the MCU, such as Academy Award winner Natalie Portman taking over the reigns from original Thor actor Chris Hemsworth. It also might be planning on bringing back a lot of relics and faces from the past, including the famous hammer Mjölnir, Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord and Peter Dinklage’s Eitri. All of these recurring familiar faces could definitely lay the groundwork for a potential cameo in the post-credits scene by the wisecracking superhero portrayed by Ryan Reynolds.

Disney has reportedly been grappling with ways to introduce the Merc with a Mouth into the MCU. The very nature of the crass fan favorite makes it hard to imagine him teaming up with the Avengers, though the idea has still been discussed. It was originally rumored that the studio planned on having Wilson pop up in a post-credits scene following Black Widow as well, but that thought looks like it’s been scrapped.

Now, it seems like executives have finally narrowed down when Deadpool will be incorporated into the overarching storyline of the franchise. Which movie he’ll actually be making his debut in, as well as many other details, are still being sorted out and it still remains to be seen if Marvel will allow the character’s standalone films to remain R-rated or if they’ll now become PG-13 since they’re under new ownership.

Regardless, Thor: Love and Thunder will be released, with or without Deadpool, on November 5th, 2021. If we had to bet, though, we’d say Wade Wilson will probably be popping up during the post-credits scene. After all, of Marvel’s three 2021 releases, he’d fit into this one best.