Deadpool Will Reportedly Fight 2 Of The MCU’s Most Powerful Villains


The two Deadpool movies at Fox saw the Merc with a Mouth dealing with smaller threats than the typical fate of the world stuff that we’re used to seeing from most major comic book blockbusters, and the narrower focus was one of the franchise’s major selling points. Not every superhero has to try and save the entire planet, and it made for a refreshing change of pace to watch Wade Wilson dealing with problems that were much closer to home.

However, now that Ryan Reynolds has pitched up at Marvel Studios, the chances are high that Deadpool 3 is going be a whole lot bigger in terms of scope and scale. After all, with the exception of the relatively contained Ant-Man series, the vast majority of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s marquee heroes tend to tackle threats that always lead to bombastic third act action sequences packed full of visual effects and massive amounts of destruction and property damage.

Deadpool 3 might still be a long way away yet, but we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Thor: Love and Thunder will be adapting Jane Foster’s cancer storyline months before it was confirmed by Natalie Portman, and that Reynolds had a secret role in Hobbs & Shaw – that one idea currently being discussed behind the scenes is to have the self-aware assassin battle against two of the most powerful villains in comic book history.

According to our intel, Deadpool will cross swords with Thanos and Doctor Doom at some point in the future, although exactly when and where we can expect to see it remains unclear. And presumably, he wouldn’t fight them both in the same film.

Obviously, the Mad Titan is dead in the main timeline (though we’re told he’ll eventually be resurrected) and Doom is nowhere close to making his MCU debut, so don’t expect any of this to happen until a good few years down the line once all three are fully reestablished. But fans can at least look forward to Wade Wilson having some epic fights in store for him.