Hasbro Reportedly Planning Power Rangers/Transformers Cinematic Universe

Optimus Prime Transformers

With Hasbro buying the brand from Saban last year, Power Rangers fans have been eagerly awaiting news on further movies featuring the Mighty Morphin’ heroes. Hasbro’s plans may be bigger than we ever expected, though, as the latest rumor points to the company creating a cinematic universe featuring the Rangers along with Transformers.

This report comes from scoopster Mikey Sutton, who’s previously spilled the beans on a possible Wolverine vs. Hulk film from Marvel. The intel goes that Hasbro’s rebooted Rangers will have ties to future Transformers movies, which will continue on from the soft relaunch of 2018’s Bumblebee. Apparently, the plan is to eventually make a Power Rangers/Transformers pic, which would help lay the seeds for an entire cinematic universe.

Other classic Hasbro properties like ROM and the Micronauts will also likely be involved in this shared universe and it’s possible that G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K. could be folded into the ambitious franchise as well. After all, both are known to be getting new movies soon, as F. Gary Gray is helming M.A.S.K. while Henry Golding is set to star as Snake Eyes in a Joe spinoff.

As for Power Rangers, Dacre Montgomery recently confirmed over the summer that Hasbro would not be bringing himself and his fellow stars of Lionsgate’s 2017 reboot back for another outing. So, expect a whole new team in this Hasbro universe. If it’s actually in the works, that is.

While this remains filed firmly in the rumor cabinet for now, such a project would make a lot of sense. It’d be smart for the company to bring all their recognizable IPs together in a bid to match Marvel and DC and Sutton further claims that Hasbro has eyes on creating its own studio to handle this universe full of movies, too. Paramount will still be involved to produce and distribute though, as per their work on past Transformers films.

The future could be pretty bright for Power Rangers fans if these plans ultimately come together, but until we learn more, let us know if you like the sounds of a Hasbro cinematic universe in the comments section down below.