Henry Cavill Reportedly Still Holding Out On Superman Return

Superman-is-Flat-Out-Angry-in-Man-Of-Steel (1)

It seems as though almost everything associated with Zack Snyder’s Justice League finds itself the subject of exhaustive rumors and speculation, even though we’re now two and a half years removed from the movie’s theatrical release. The Snyder Cut is still a regular fixture in the headlines, the will he/won’t he saga of Ben Affleck’s involvement in The Batman played out very much in the public eye, The Flash was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons, and we still aren’t any closer to getting a definitive answer on whether or not Henry Cavill is still Superman.

The actor insists that he’s still the DCEU’s Big Blue Boy Scout, although there have also been reports that Warner Bros. are planning to re-cast and reboot the character, similar to what Matt Reeves is doing with The Batman. The comic book franchise has seven movies set to hit theaters between now and the end of 2022, and at the moment, Superman doesn’t seem to be a part of any of them, meaning Cavill might have to continue sitting by the phone waiting for that eventual call.

However, YouTuber Grace Randolph has now claimed that The Witcher star himself is the one causing the issues, and is reportedly still asking for more money than the studio are willing to pay him to return as the Man of Steel. He has come down in price, as we previously reported, but apparently he’s still asking for a bit too much. That being said, we’re told that WB are now considering it and might be inclined to take him back since if they don’t, they know they’ll face tremendous backlash.

Presumably buoyed by his success from playing the lead role in one of Netflix’s most popular shows, the 37 year-old is said to be wanting significantly improved terms to suit up once more, including the sort of back-end deal that made Robert Downey Jr. one of the highest-paid movie stars in the world. In fact, Randolph says this is the real reason why a stunt double was used for Superman’s cameo in Shazam!, with Cavill unwilling to commit to less than a day’s work on the movie.

The ace up the actor’s sleeve could end up being his manager Dany Garcia, who just so happens to be Dwayne Johnson’s ex-wife and co-founder of his Seven Bucks Productions company. After all, the DCEU’s newest recruit has already made it clear that Black Adam has Superman in his sights, and we all know that the man known as the Rock usually gets what he wants in Hollywood.