Henry Cavill Reportedly Wants His Superman To Be More Happy And Hopeful If He Returns


Henry Cavill now officially has two projects on his upcoming schedule after adding John Wick director Chad Stahelski’s Highlander reboot to Netflix’s Enola Holmes sequel, but that’s done nothing to stem the flow of hearsay that continues to link him to countless other roles either as the DCEU’s Superman or otherwise.

Somehow, he’s still under contract with Warner Bros. despite their clear apathy towards doing anything about utilizing his Man of Steel at all, never mind to his fullest potential, but as always with the studio’s superhero slate, things can change on a dime. Zack Snyder’s origin story was recently trending after fans defended the movie from criticism that it was emotionless and lacking heart, so right on cue, insider Daniel Richtman has now arrived to proclaim that Cavill wants his version of Superman to be more happy, hopeful and generally enthusiastic should he return.

It’s definitely a spin on the canonical Kryptonian that we’ve yet to see after his DCEU arc so far has largely been characterized and defined by death and loss, but this is just the latest in a revolving door of thoughts and feelings being relayed by Richtman regarding Cavill over the last few months, and conflicts with his previous claims that The Witcher star wanted to explore the dark, evil and corrupted Knightmare version of the hero in greater detail.

To paraphrase a well known saying, if you throw enough Superman speculation at the wall, then at least some of it’s going to stick eventually, but given that Cavill politely asked fans to refrain from theorizing over his future before signing on to a project nobody saw coming, we’ll need to wait and hear it straight from his mouth about what the plan is for Kal-El.