James Gunn’s DCU Justice League unites in fantastic fan art that may foreshadow the future

Justice League 2017
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

According to the man himself, any day now, James Gunn is about to unveil the first wave of his grand plans for the rebooted DC universe. It’s hard to tell exactly what he and co-CEO of DC Studios Peter Safran have up their sleeves, but presumably, Warner Bros. would definitely want to eventually get the Justice League back together, albeit a revamped version of the team intended to make us forget all about the controversies surrounding the SnyderVerse.

It’s a (bat-)mite too early to know what Gunn’s planning, then, but this brave and bold artwork may just give us a taste of the future. If we’re lucky, that is. Fan artist Arkin Tyagi has shared their own designs for the DCU’s new and improved JLA, which do a tremendous job of reflecting what a vast majority of the fandom would love to see realized on screen.

For starters, we’re aware Gunn wants a young Superman next time (perhaps even played by Jacob Elordi), so maybe he should use this piece as a template:

Tyagi likewise pitched a new Batman who actually wears blue for a change.

The Justice League designs continue with reworked takes on Wonder Woman…

An Aquaman not played by Jason Momoa

… And Wally West’s version of the Flash (that would be the smart way to avoid rehiring Ezra Miller).

Last but not least, Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern is a must for the DCU.

Gunn has confirmed that the first announcements for the DCU will be coming in late January, so keep your eyes peeled, as we may be receiving official news on the future of the Justice League sooner than you think.