Jared Leto Reportedly Discussing Pirates Of The Caribbean Role With Margot Robbie

Jared Leto

Jared Leto and Margot Robbie received wildly different responses to their respective performances in Suicide Squad, with the former’s highly unusual approach to playing the Joker somewhere between a Juggalo and a pimp getting panned by many critics and fans, while the latter looked poised to turn Harley Quinn into one of the DCEU’s focal points.

Things haven’t exactly worked out that way, though, with Birds of Prey‘s dismal box office performance putting any big plans for Harley’s continued solo adventures on hold, although Robbie does take top billing in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. As for Leto, he looked to have been written out of the franchise for good before making a surprise return for Zack Snyder’s Justice League reshoots, which has sparked all sorts of speculation that his divisive Clown Prince of Crime could be back for the long haul.

As part of his Method approach to playing the Joker, Leto sent presents to all of his Suicide Squad co-stars, which included gifting his onscreen love interest with a dead rat in a box. However, that doesn’t appear to have soured their friendship away from the set, because insider Daniel Richtman now claims that the two are discussing another collaboration in the actress’ upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff.

According to the insider, Leto and Robbie have remained close and are looking to team up again, with the Academy Award winning star intent to make his presence felt in the blockbuster realm, and you could totally buy him as an eccentric pirate living in a sun-drenched cove all by himself given his hedonistic and bohemian persona. After all, he was completely unaware of the Coronavirus pandemic when it first began because he was at a secret meditation facility in the middle of the desert where phones, internet and communication with the outside world were strictly forbidden.