Jennifer Connelly Reportedly Returning For Labyrinth Sequel


After years of rumours, the sequel to 80s musical fantasy Labyrinth is finally moving forward. Last month, it emerged that Scott Derrickson had signed on to direct the new movie and now we have another exciting bit of casting news, this time in-front of the camera.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones that told us a Scream reboot is in the works and Netflix is making an Extraction sequel – Jennifer Connelly will be returning as Sarah Williams, and she’ll likely be the mother of the new hero. No further details on her role have been revealed, but given that David Bowie and Jim Henson, the first film’s biggest creative influences, have sadly since departed, it would make sense to bring Connelly back in order to maintain some continuity for viewers. She was a young American in what was then only her fourth film role and this is bound to come at things from a different perspective.

Labyrinth had a disappointingly low box office gross when it was released back in 1986, but like so many movies of its ilk, the benefit of time and a healthy home-viewing market have rehabilitated its reputation. Things ought to be hunky dory from the off for the sequel, though. As long as it’s modestly budgeted, it could make heroes out of the producers who agreed to it.


Excited that a Labyrinth sequel is at long last in the works? Drop a comment with your thoughts below. One wonders whether we’ll be seeing all the madmen of Henson’s world again. With horror director Derrickson on board (having departed from Multiverse of Madness in unceremonious circumstances), I think we can say we will.

With any luck, it won’t be more than five years until we find out. Right, that’s me out of puns to pin up on this piece. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.