Lady Gaga Reportedly Passed On DC’s Birds Of Prey Movie


Not unlike The Batman before it, Warner’s gestating Birds of Prey movie has been caught up in a cloud of mystery so thick, at times it’s been difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Such is the case with our latest tidbit pertaining to DC’s female-fronted spinoff. Over on Twitter, industry tipster ‘@DanielRPK’ claims that singer-songstress Lady Gaga actually passed up the chance to join Birds of Prey as either Huntress or Black Canary.

The industry giant, who recently crossed over into the film world for hit biopic A Star is Born, has enjoyed a recurring role on FX’s American Horror Story, though Birds of Prey would’ve marked her first real foray into blockbuster territory. That’s based on the assumption that this ‘scoop’ is actually true, as Warner Bros. is still in the process of casting its villainous offshoot – a villainous offshoot that’s expected to herald Margot Robbie’s return as the Clown Princess of Crime.

Via Twitter:

So far, we’ve learned that Warner’s Birds of Prey movie will largely center on Huntress, Black Canary and Rene Montoya, who must join forces with Harley Quinn to “save the life of a little girl (Cassandra Cain) from an evil crime lord.” Peyton Elizabeth Lee is said to be in the running for Cain, while the past few weeks have brought forth a flood of rumors linking the likes of Vanessa Kirby and Blake Lively with the nascent spinoff.

Still no word of a production start date for Birds of Prey just yet, but we have caught wind that Batman mega-villain Black Mask has been earmarked as that “evil crime lord” responsible for kidnapping Cassandra Cain. Watch this space for more.