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Latest Sci-Fi News: James Gunn admits big changes are ahead for the DCU as fans mourn the death of Superman all over again

This feels tragically familiar...

We have a DC-charged sci-fi roundup for you today, something that was inevitable as Marvel’s biggest rival in the superhero sphere has hit its biggest crisis since, well, about last week. Following a shocking exposé on the ins and outs of what new boss James Gunn has got planned for the DCU (not DCEU anymore, remember), the man himself has responded to the chatter. But it’s done little to assure people that the fan-favorite who only just returned might be on his way straight out the door.

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After a tense 24 hours for DC fans, James Gunn reacts to shocking reports… but doesn’t clarify anything

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In the wake of a tell-all article by The Hollywood Reporter about what’s next for the DCU, the fandom practically imploded as they were faced with a stream of news they desperately didn’t want to be true. After an extended period of radio silence, James Gunn finally issued a statement in response to the article… which basically didn’t say much of anything, only promising that, yes, big changes are on the way and, while there may be teething problems, it should all work out in the end. Gunn is quickly looking like the “this is fine” dog stuck in that burning building.

Here we go again… Henry Cavill supporters say goodbye to Superman once more

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On top of Wonder Woman 3 being cancelled, the other big cancellation that’s apparently been made is Man of Steel 2, with Henry Cavill’s future as the Last Son of Krypton once again thrown into doubt… Only weeks after he just triumphantly returned from the dead in Black Adam‘s post-credits scene. Unfortunately, Gunn’s cagey comments have done little to assure Superman diehards that they’re not about to endure their favorite hero disappear back into the Phantom Zone after just getting him back.

Although Jason Momoa swapping Aquaman for Lobo isn’t all that loco

aquaman justice league
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On the other hand, it’s not all bad news on the DCU front as one wild rejig that Gunn is apparently working on is giving the Aquaman franchise the boot but handing Jason Momoa a different character to play with instead. Namely, cult favorite cosmic anti-hero Lobo. And, you know what, fans aren’t actually mad at this one. Momoa is the spitting image of the Main Man and it was thought he would be better suited to that role way back when he was first cast as Arthur Curry. Could this be what Momoa was getting so excited about recently?

Congrats, Cameron — Avatar 2 has won an award before it’s even out

avatar the way of water
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Stepping outside the DC universe for a moment, while we wait and see how Avatar: The Way of Water will fare with general audiences and at the box office, at least the long-awaited underwater sequel already has one win under its belt. The film has earned itself an early award off the back of the mostly positive reviews James Cameron’s latest magnum opus has been receiving, which bodes well for its imminent arrival in theaters just next week. Remember, you can return to Pandora from Dec. 16.

Fly back here this Friday, DC devotees and Avatar aficionados, for more of the latest sci-fi news.

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