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Latest Sci-Fi News: James Gunn threatens DC fans with the MCU crossover they don’t want to see while teasing how he’s going to reboot Superman

Son of a Gunn!

James Gunn is always sharing his thoughts and opinions with fans on social media, but this time he might just have let something major slip about how he’s going to reboot DC’s most important hero in the coming years. Not to mention indicating that he’ll be bringing one of his Guardians of the Galaxy gang over to Marvel’s rival franchise. Meanwhile, Netflix gets rebellious as it shares new glimpses at Zack Snyder’s upcoming sci-fi epic. Let’s rocket…

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Watch out, DC fans, the one MCU crossover you probably don’t want to happen… might happen

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Superhero fans love it when someone from the MCU hops over to DC, or vice versa, right? Well, this one might not be so universally loved if it ever actually occurs. James Gunn has let slip that he thinks he may end up casting ol’ Guardians of the Galaxy leading man Chris Pratt somewhere in the DC universe now he holds the keys to the kingdom. I think we can all agree that the best thing Gunn can do is invite Pratt on board… but only so he can bring his version of Mario to live-action. Now that would be a crossover.

James Gunn might’ve subtly told us the way he’s going to reboot Superman

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Gunn has also got fans talking with his current fad of praising the works of legendary comic book scribe Grant Morrison on Twitter, including showing off the fact he’s been reading All-Star Superman — something many are taking as a sign that’ll be his main inspiration for his upcoming Superman reboot. But Gunn might have actually dropped a less obvious clue elsewhere which indicates a totally different Morrison Man of Steel story will be his way into approaching Kal-El for the shiny, new DCU. And we guarantee fans will be just as divided by it as they were about Zack Snyder’s take.

Zack Snyder’s not-Star Wars Netflix movie gets a new look and a release date

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Hey, speaking about Zack Snyder. The guy may be done with DC but his highly anticipated sci-fi movie Rebel Moon — which started life as a Star Wars film concept — is coming to Netflix this December. Yes, the streamer finally gave us a release date, as part of a majorly thrilling sizzle reel for all its biggest upcoming blockbusters, as well as a new look at the star-studded extraterrestrial epic. Featuring Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam and Cyborg himself Ray Fisher, it’s out Dec. 22.

Streaming spotlight: The OG version of one of 2021’s biggest films is worming its way up the charts

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2021’s Dune from Denis Villeneuve was one of the biggest and most acclaimed movies of the year, but the same can’t be said for the original film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi novels. David Lynch’s 1984 iteration might be considered a cult classic, but it’s definitely hugely flawed. Nevertheless, it seems Dune diehards are revisiting the ’80s epic as it’s currently worming its way to the top of the streaming charts. Perhaps folks are re-familiarizing themselves with the franchise way in advance of this November’s Dune: Part Two.

Beam back here tomorrow, sci-fi specialists, for another delivery of the latest news from the world of DC, Dune, and beyond.

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