Marvel Reportedly Developing A Squadron Supreme Movie For Phase Four


Avengers: Endgame is set to be the end of an era for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the franchise is certainly not spent yet. Marvel Studios has already proved that no matter how obscure the comic book property, they can still turn them into a hit blockbuster or three. Coming up, for instance, we’ve got the likes of The Eternals and Shang-Chi.

And if our intel’s correct, we might be able to add another lesser-known Marvel comics name to the list of upcoming MCU projects, too. That’s because We Got This Covered has been informed by a source that the House of Ideas is developing a Squadron Supreme film, likely to land in Phase Four. Specifically, we were told that a “Squadron Supreme/Hyperion” movie is in the works. Our source didn’t have anything further to share, but it sounds like the pic will focus on the leader of the team or simply that things aren’t totally worked out yet and it could become a solo movie for Hyperion.

You might be asking yourself who are the Squadron Supreme, though? Well, there’ve been a few different versions over the decades, but essentially, the superhero team’s a thinly-disguised pastiche of DC’s Justice League. The core roster are all take-offs of the Distinguished Competition’s most famous heroes, such as Nighthawk (Batman), Power Princess (Wonder Woman), Doctor Spectrum (Green Lantern) and the Whizzer (the Flash). And yes, Hyperion is clearly a stand-in for Superman.

The interesting thing is that Hyperion is sometimes depicted as an Eternal in the comics, complete with the Kal-el-esque origin of being sent to Earth as a baby. Given that The Eternals is on the way, it would make sense for Marvel to expand on this new corner of the MCU like this. And, seeing as Warner Bros. is said to be resting Superman for a while, maybe they see an opening to try out their own version with the Hyperion and the Squadron Supreme instead?