Paramount Reportedly Developing New Star Trek Movies For Streaming

Star Trek Beyond

If you felt as though there weren’t enough streaming services looking to put a dent in your monthly income, then the good news is that CBS All Access is preparing to rebrand as Paramount Plus over the next few months and expand internationally, to try and gain a foothold in an increasingly competitive market.

So far, only a handful of projects have been announced for the fledgling platform, and the library of CBS Access originals is pretty thin as it is, with the entire roster spanning just a dozen shows. Out of those, four of them have already been canceled and three are part of the Star Trek universe, so the executives are going to have to get their thinking caps on in order to come up with a reason to convince audiences to shell out for yet another over-the-top service.

The future of Star Trek on the small screen is already mapped out until 2027 at the earliest, so the beloved sci-fi brand is set to factor heavily into the plans for Paramount Plus regardless of what else ends up in development, and insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the studio want feature films to be a key part of the planned expansion.

There are already multiple movies that have stalled over the last couple of years including the fourth installment in the Kelvin timeline, Noah Hawley’s planned reboot and Quentin Tarantino’s fabled R-rated take, and the continued adventures of the Enterprise crew appear to be stuck in cinematic stasis for the time being.

None of the Star Trek blockbusters even rank among Paramount’s 25 highest-grossing movies ever, and given the huge level of investment required, it would be a massive gamble for a brand new streaming service to plow anywhere up to $150 million into another outing. Still, we could potentially see some smaller scale films head to the platform and no matter what ends up materializing, fans will surely just be happy to get more from the franchise.