Patrick Stewart Reportedly Signs New Deal For Multiple Star Trek Projects


Whether you asked for it or not, you’re getting an almost nonstop bombardment of fresh Star Trek content for the foreseeable future. Even before Paramount tentatively announced hugely ambitious plans to debut a new show every quarter, the small screen universe’s executive producer Alex Kurtzman already admitted that he had the broad strokes of the mythology plotted out until at least 2027.

Completely ignoring the multiple feature film projects that exist out there somewhere in developmental purgatory, the most recent of which was announced a couple of weeks ago, the upcoming episodic slate is looking positively stacked. Discovery and Lower Decks have new seasons in the works, with the former’s spinoff Strange New Worlds now in front of cameras, while Picard was renewed for second and third outings before The Next Generation sequel series had even premiered.

Production on the next run of episodes was initially scheduled to begin last June, but faced a sizeable delay as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, which is completely understandable when the leading man is 80 years old and lives on the other side of the world from Picard‘s California home base.

Fans have loved every minute of Stewart’s return as the iconic Starfleet captain, though, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Discovery‘s Captain Pike was getting his own spinoff long before Strange New Worlds was announced – that he’s signed a new deal that’ll see him show up in multiple Trek projects, not just Picard.

Of course, Stewart already inked a three-season contract before his solo show had shot a single frame, but with Paramount+ now the home of Star Trek and set to expand at a rapid rate, it makes sense to have one of the franchise’s most popular and recognizable figures become a regular fixture of the lineup.