Paul Dano’s Riddler In The Batman Reportedly Horror Movie Level Scary

The Batman

Matt Reeves’ The Batman has had a long and painful road to theaters. First came post-Justice League woes as the project was retooled from Ben Affleck’s Batman to Robert Pattinson’s. Then, the moment production was in full swing, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Warner Bros. slammed on the brakes and, after multiple delays, it was eventually confirmed that the flick will premiere in March 2022.

Now, it’s sounding like the film is in the can, with reports emerging of private screenings taking place behind closed doors at Warner Bros. Twitter user @blurayangel recently posted a series of tweets from a friend who claims to have been present and gave their reactions.

Obviously, one should bear in mind that this person could simply be after a bit of clout and making this all up, especially as they don’t provide any verifiable information we don’t already know. The original report follows below.

The leaker goes on to say that the current cut is three hours long, that Zoë Kravitz has now become their favorite-ever Catwoman, that Pattinson’s voice is perfect, and that the Batmobile kicks ass. They also allude to a late film reveal that had the viewer – apparently not even a DC fan – “shook”. Sounds like a good time to me.

We still have quite a wait ahead, before The Batman‘s promotional campaign restarts, though I hope we’ll see a new trailer attached to one of Warner Bros’ major upcoming theatrical releases. If I had to guess, I think Dune would be a likely candidate, which arrives on October 22.

In the meantime, The Batman is locked in for a theatrical release on March 4, 2022, though as yet, it’s not been confirmed whether it’ll simultaneously arrive on HBO Max. More on that – and other Caped Crusader news – as and when we hear it.