Ray Fisher May Be Written Out Of The Flash Now

Image via DC Films

Through a set of circumstances largely out of his control, Ray Fisher has gone from the brink of obscurity to becoming one of the most talked-about stars in the DCEU, and it isn’t just to do with his impending return as Cyborg in the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

The 32 year-old has always defended his role as Victor Stone even after it appeared that his time in the franchise was well and truly over, in what marked a far cry from the original plans to give the character his own solo movie. And after reacting to the Snyder Cut announcement with tears of happiness, Fisher would no doubt have been reaching for the tissues again when he was confirmed to be returning to the fold in The Flash.

However, the actor hasn’t just been generating headlines from a professional perspective and after he publicly called out Joss Whedon for his behavior on the set of Justice League, a series of former collaborators have since followed suit in blasting the Avengers director for the unhealthy environments he created on his various movie and TV projects.

We recently heard that Fisher was at risk of being sued for breaking a non-disclosure agreement if he kept talking about Whedon, something he alluded to himself when he skirted around the issue in a recent interview and essentially invited legal action, but we’ve now learned that Warner Bros. are seriously considering writing him out of The Flash as a result of his actions.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources who told us that Green Lantern and Justice League Dark shows are coming to HBO Max – the studio are keen to distance themselves from any controversy, inflammatory statements or potential lawsuits, and having already seemingly dropped Whedon, they might get rid of Fisher as well to save any further trouble.

Of course, The Flash has gone through so many iterations and drafts that it would probably be a relatively straightforward process to write him out of the script, and if it does end up happening, then Ray Fisher could end up seeing his movie career go up in smoke for a second time.