Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Being Eyed For Green Lantern Corps


Robert Downey Jr.’s future with the MCU seems uncertain at this point, but his future in another shared cinematic universe may be starting up. According to our sources, the Marvel veteran has had private talks with Warner Brothers about taking on a role in the DCEU, one of which could potentially be Hal Jordan.

Ever since Ryan Reynolds attempted and failed to bring Green Lantern to the big screen in a successful manner, fans everywhere have wondered what the future holds for the emerald ring wearing superhero. After all, the existence of the Green Lantern Corps in the DCEU was confirmed in flashbacks during the less than stellar Justice League, so it’s only a matter of time before the famed DC character makes his way back to the big screen.

Several high profile names have been thrown out for the role already, like John Krasinski, Zac Efron and Chris Hemsworth. Tyrese Gibson has even made it known to the world on several occasions that he wishes to play the green defender of freedom for the DC shared cinematic universe. Tom Cruise was the favorite at one point, of course, but has apparently passed on the part for now, leaving it presumably still up for grabs.

According to our sources though – the same ones who told us Taskmaster would be the villain in Black Widow and that Marvel is considering Daniel Radcliffe for Moon Knight, both of which have since been confirmed – Warner Brothers could be interested in RDJ playing Hal Jordan despite a reluctant Cruise still being very high on their wish list. As of right now, nothing’s been made official, but as we mentioned a few days ago, talks have been put on hold between Downey Jr. and Marvel in regards to returning to the MCU and we can confirm that he’s already spoken with WB about a DCEU role.

That doesn’t mean he’ll 100% wind up in the rival cinematic universe, or that he’ll never return to the world of Marvel, but as it stands, Kevin Feige and co. think he’s demanding too much money for an MCU comeback and so, the two parties have tabled the discussion for now. In the meantime, Downey Jr. is looking at what else is out there and apparently, Warner Bros. likes him for Jordan. And given that these sources are the same ones who told us about the Green Lantern show coming to HBO Max, and that a Bambi live-action remake is in the works, both of which ended up being true, we’ve no reason to doubt them.

Tell us, though, would you want to see RDJ join the DCEU in Green Lantern Corps? If not, who do you think should play the new Hal Jordan? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.