Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Still Trying To Get Johnny Depp Sherlock Holmes 3 Role


Last summer, there were rumors making the rounds that said Robert Downey Jr. was lobbying to have Johnny Depp cast in Sherlock Holmes 3, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s former Iron Man knowing full well what it’s like to see your career prospects be torn to shreds in front of your very eyes.

Having been dropped from Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts, not to mention there’s another upcoming round in the ongoing legal battle opposite ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp’s star has faded dramatically over the last several years. Of course, RDJ experienced similar trials and tribulations having hit rock bottom 20 years ago, but he’s since rebounded in spectacular fashion.

The two have known each other dating back three decades, too, so it would make sense for an olive branch of sorts to be extended, especially when it was the similarly-troubled Mel Gibson who put Downey Jr.’s career back on track after he paid the insurance bond to hire him for the lead role in 2003’s The Singing Detective when nobody in Hollywood would even consider giving him a job.

Insider Daniel Richtman now reports that Depp is still very much in the mix regarding Sherlock Holmes 3, with RDJ hoping to get him on board. One obvious stumbling block, though, is going to be Warner Bros., who forced Johnny to resign from Fantastic Beasts 3 after he came out on the losing end up his last court case, so it’s not as though the studio behind the action adventure franchise are going to turn around and give him a job on another high profile property so soon after dropping him from the Wizarding World.

The third installment is still miles away from getting in front of cameras never mind hitting the big screen, too, so there’s no way of knowing for sure how things are shaping up behind the scenes. But it certainly seems like Downey Jr. is doing everything he can to get his old friend a role in the pic.

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