Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants More Nudity In Deadpool 3


Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is arguably the funniest Marvel Cinematic Universe character out there. Played by an equally humorous individual, fans of this Marvel ‘anti-hero’ are always in for a treat when a new movie comes out. With Deadpool 3 announced to great fanfare, it seems that once again Reynolds will deliver in another one of his blockbuster films. As we’re all eagerly awaiting more news and details about the movie, insider Daniel Richtman has shared on his Patreon that Reynolds reportedly wants even more nudity in Deadpool 3. If this rumor is true, then it shows that Reynolds is wanting to push the envelope even further with what he can do with the character in the MCU.

As the Deadpool film series continues to grow in popularity, it’s become apparent that Marvel executives want to do their best to keep Reynolds happy. While this latest rumor is less impactful on the movie itself, it is a reminder of the attention to detail that Reynolds has for his work and his vision to be involved in all facets of the movie. Reynolds has been reportedly fighting for complete creative control over the Deadpool series, which may seem exciting to Marvel but terrifying to Disney. Nonetheless, with the involvement of such talented individuals, we’re sure that this film will be a success just like the first two.

As we continue to follow the gossip around Deadpool 3, we’re sure that Disney’s continued struggle with the Deadpool star will be a point of focus for them, with executives reportedly seeking for Deadpool to be PG-13. What may not be exciting for Disney executives to learn is that Reynolds reportedly wants Deadpool to be similar to John Wick in terms of violence and action. So much for the PG-13 film they were looking for.

Overall, whilst Disney may not be happy with how Deadpool 3 is progressing, it is clear that the movie is headed in a direction which would likely make it successful, similar to Deadpool 1 and 2. As always, a rumour is just that, a rumour, and we will continue monitoring the space to make sure we’re all kept up to date.