WB Reportedly Asked Gal Gadot To Take Back Her Controversial Tweet

According to insider Daniel Richtman, Warner Bros. has asked Gal Gadot to apologize for her controversial tweet.

The online discussion about Gal Gadot as of late has been a great example of how quickly the internet can turn on someone. It wasn’t too long ago that the Wonder Woman star received a ton of support after she addressed how Joss Whedon threatened her career on the set of Justice League. But shortly after that, she became Twitter Enemy No. 1 thanks to her response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Though Gadot’s comments on the current crisis called for peace from both sides, it sparked some very intense anger from social media users who thought the Israeli actress should have taken a different stance. Gadot’s own military history was also brought up, with many branding her a “Zionist” and even going so far as to claim that she’s aiding in the “violence against Palestinians.”

Obviously, this is a pretty sharp turn around for the actress, who’s been a beloved star for many years now. And while the initial furor has seemingly died down a bit, the storm still hasn’t fully calmed, which is why Warner Bros. is reportedly asking Gadot to fix the situation.

According to insider Daniel Richtman, the studio’s asked Gal to “take her words back,” but she’s refusing to do so and standing by what she said. That doesn’t mean that she’s now going to booted out of the DCEU or anything like that, but it certainly sounds like the whole situation may have created a bit of friction between the two parties. Not to mention that from WB’s point of view, one of their most valuable properties (Wonder Woman) now comes with a considerable degree of controversy attached to it.

But just like these things always do, the storm and outrage surrounding Gal Gadot will surely have died off by the time she suits up as Diana Prince again and it’s highly unlikely that this will have any impact on her career in the long run.