Zoe Kravitz Reportedly Getting A Catwoman Spinoff Movie


Rest assured, Warner Bros. has big plans for The Batman universe. A trilogy starring Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight is expected, and a TV series about Gotham PD is already in development for HBO Max. Meanwhile, it can’t be a coincidence that Matt Reeves’ movie is filled with familiar characters from the DC universe like Colin Farrell’s Penguin and Paul Dano’s Riddler. Some spinoffs are no doubt in the offing, then. Like, for example, a solo film for Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman.

Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that WB intends to gift Kravitz her own vehicle as Selina Kyle following The Batman arriving next March. No story details have been revealed as yet, though, as per Reeves keeping the plot of his first film in the franchise close to his chest. This actually isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this possibility, either, as We Got This Covered originally shared the news way back in late 2019 and it seems that the studio’s plans for the character haven’t changed.

On the one hand, you might think it’s surprising that a new Catwoman movie is in development given how terrible the 2004 Halle Berry flick turned out to be. However, the phenomenal success of Joker has no doubt inspired WB to have other supervillains headline their own films. Plus, superhero cinema’s in a very different state to what it was in the mid-00s and female-led projects are now viewed as highly lucrative after Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. 

When we got our first look at Kravitz as Selina on set, rocking some high fashion threads for a funeral scene, the DC side of the internet collectively lost its mind, so it’s fair to say that there’s a lot of excitement out there for the Fantastic Beasts star’s take on Catwoman. With the right filmmaker attached – presuming Reeves isn’t set to direct it – this spinoff should wipe away any lingering nightmares we have of the Berry movie.

After starting production over a year ago, shooting is finally due to conclude this month on The Batman, before it arrives in 12 months’ time on March 4th, 2022.