Barry And Oliver Swap Bodies In First Arrowverse Crossover Promo


Fans are expecting a lot from this year’s big Arrowverse crossover. Titled “Elseworlds,” the three-night event that’ll span Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl will bring us the debut of Ruby Rose as Batwoman, the return of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, several very interesting guest stars and the odd surprise comeback or two. But perhaps the most intriguing thing about it is the roles it’ll give to Oliver Queen and Barry Allen.

For reasons unknown, Stephen Amell will be playing the Scarlet Speedster himself in the crossover, complete with the bright red costume, with Grant Gustin putting on the hood of the Green Arrow. No doubt whatever reality-warping trickery’s going on here will be reversed before things come to a close, as we already know that Amell will get his quiver back, but in the first promo for “Elseworlds,” we get a taste of what this switcheroo will be like.

Seen up above, it’s only 20 seconds long, but gives us a glimpse at a scene between the Oliver Queen actor and Candice Patton, who plays Iris West-Allen. Though it’s clearly Ollie we see sitting with her, Iris refers to him as Barry, implying that Amell’s character is somehow trapped in the Flash’s body. It looks like Mr. Queen’s just as confused as we are about all this, too, and we can’t wait to find out what’s really going on.

When asked about how Stephen Amell fared in the Flash suit, co-star Echo Kellum revealed that his colleague did a “great job” and said that seeing Amell and Gustin together in the other’s costume was “the coolest thing ever.”

“I think he did a pretty great job. As far as the comfort, I can’t speak to that. It was very much a pinch-myself moment seeing him work with Grant. I thought ‘this is the coolest thing ever.'”

“Elseworlds” will bring together three out of four Arrowverse shows – Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, with Legends of Tomorrow sitting this one out – and kicks off on The CW the week beginning Monday, December 9th.