The Mandalorian Star Praises Gina Carano, Says There’s Nothing But Upside Awaiting Her

Gina Carano

You can’t have missed all the controversy that’s been surrounding Gina Carano for a while now, with the actress often facing backlash on social media for her socio-political views on such hot button topics as COVID-19, voter fraud and the recent riots. Indeed, #FireGinaCarano trends regularly on Twitter, as angry Star Wars fans demand that Lucasfilm remove her from The Mandalorian. That hasn’t happened yet, of course, and it may be because Carano’s got a lot of support from her co-stars.

Mando himself, Pedro Pascal, has previously praised the Cara Dune star a couple of times, while Ming-Na Wen has done the same. The latest to speak out in Carano’s defense is Carl Weathers, who’s appeared opposite her in a few episodes so far as Greef Karga. In response to a fan’s positive thoughts on Carano and her character, Weathers took the opportunity to gush about his colleague, as you can see below.

Like Pascal and Wen before him, Weathers doesn’t directly address the online backlash against Carano but it’s clear that he’s trying to redress the balance by sharing some nice words about his friend. Given all these signs of support on social media, it seems likely that if the studio did ever try to kick the actress off The Mandalorian, her co-stars might have something to say about it.

Reports have also stated that showrunner Jon Favreau is very much on Carano’s side, too, and it may be him who’s been blocking any attempts from Lucasfilm to get rid of her. As for her own stance on the matter, Gina Carano has insisted that she’s “not going anywhere” and generally hits back against her haters online. That said, lately her Twitter’s been full of positive messages and memes, so it seems the actress might be looking to ease the tension somewhat.