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Din Djarin Could Be Sidelined In Favor Of Boba Fett For The Mandalorian Season 3

Insider Grace Randolph has hinted that Boba Fett could potentially be replacing Din Djarin as the lead of The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian

A few months ago, there were rumors making the rounds that Pedro Pascal was threatening to quit The Mandalorian because he wanted to spend more time without the character’s signature helmet, even though he’d have surely been made aware that it was one of the requirements of the job when he first entered negotiations to star.

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Further reports claimed that he was being difficult to work with and had even threatened to take the issue to Lucasfilm directly, before it was quietly debunked and never spoken of again. Until now, that is. Time to throw on those tinfoil hats and take a deep dive into conspiracy theory territory, because insider Grace Randolph has hinted that Din Djarin might not be the series lead when The Mandalorian returns for season 3.

Obviously, Pascal’s handsome visage was prominently displayed for a great deal of this week’s episode “The Believer,” leading many to think it wasn’t a coincidence that Mando spent so much time without his helmet on after the tales of discontent had spread across the internet. Randolph went on to say, though, that she’s heard the Boba Fett spinoff is currently shooting, despite the project not being announced at the recent Disney Investor Day.

Of course, as of yet, the studio haven’t confirmed whether Temuera Morrison is getting his own show or not, while Jon Favreau hoped that The Mandalorian would be back in front of cameras before the end of the year, and season 3 has already been given a release window. Obviously, joining the dots between unconfirmed stories of Boba Fett allegedly filming and having him replace Mando as the main focus of the narrative requires a pretty big leap in logic, but as Randolph explains in a recent YouTube video:

“Boba Fett, his show wasn’t announced yesterday as I also tweeted even though almost every entertainment reporter including the trades, the top trades, has heard that it’s filming as we speak. So is Boba Fett the star of Mando Season 3? It’s very odd that that wasn’t announced. And they are shooting the Boba Fett show now, which timing wise works out perfectly for the December release. They shot Mando Season 2 in October. They started shooting it in October 2019. So that’s basically the same timeline,” she said.

“And everybody said, ‘Oh! It’s weird they are shooting Boba Fett now ‘cuz this was supposed to be the timeframe for Mando Season 3 to shoot it. But maybe that’s the answer. Maybe they are shooting Mando Season 3. But it stars Boba Fett. Remember I told you that the Pedro Pascal drama, as far as my sources had heard, had not been totally resolved as just a few weeks ago,” Randolph added.

Tell us, though, do you think Boba could take over as the lead for the next run of the hit Disney Plus series? As always, let us know your thoughts down below.