Emilia Clarke Addresses A Potential Star Wars Return In Lando

Solo Star Wars Han

Fans may continue to campaign for a sequel, but on the big screen at least, Solo will remain a one-and-done exploration of the iconic character’s early years. However, some storylines could well be continued on streaming with in-development Star Wars series Lando, at least if the rampant speculation is to be believed.

So far, all we know about the project is that Dear White People filmmaker Justin Simien has been tapped as creator, writer and executive producer, but based on nothing but the title, the door is still wide open for either Donald Glover or Billy Dee Williams to return, and various rumors have hinted that the show could jump between timelines so that both actors could reprise the role.

Hypothetically, if Glover were to rejoin a galaxy far, far away, then there’s no real reason why Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo or Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra couldn’t follow suit, and the two stars have inevitably found themselves mentioned as candidates to board the ensemble whenever Lando finally gains any sort of real traction behind the scenes. In a new interview, Clarke addressed talk of returning to Star Wars, and it sounds as though she’s completely in the dark.

“I have heard nothing. Absolutely nothing. But a Lando show makes so much sense, give that man his own show! Yes!”

Of course, the former Game of Thrones alum is no stranger to Disney Plus streaming exclusives having recently joined the cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Secret Invasion, and it’ll be a while before we find out any specifics in regards to Lando, given that it was announced six months ago and there’s been no further word since.

Solo may have bombed at the box office, but it’s since become a firm favorite among Star Wars enthusiasts, so the door can’t be completely closed on several plot threads being picked up in Lando by any means.