The Lord Of The Rings TV Show Will Reportedly Feature 3 Major Characters From The Movies


Netflix are building up a runaway lead when it comes to their reputation as the go-to home for fantasy TV, with the streaming giant having released Warrior Nun and Cursed to widespread acclaim over the last few weeks, and The Umbrella Academy‘s second season arriving today. Not to mention The Witcher prequel Blood Origin having just been announced. However, while Amazon don’t have the same sort of depth when it comes to their lineup, they’re currently working on what looks to be the biggest fantasy show in history.

Having shelled out $250 million for the rights and then pledged a further billion dollars in production costs spread across a five-season commitment, Amazon’s series based on The Lord of the Rings is comfortably the most expensive small screen project ever made, and is already one of the most highly-anticipated.

The three Hobbit movies may have spectacularly failed to recapture the magic of what is arguably the greatest cinematic trilogy of all-time, but Amazon’s adaptation is already facing huge pressure and expectations from fans. Original star Elijah Wood has already admitted he’d be happy to return to the fold if it fit organically into the story, and now a well-known fansite reports that three major characters from the movies could be set to show up in the first season of The Lord of the Rings.

The cast for Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings is largely made up of relative unknowns, so you can fully understand why the show would be keen to bring back some familiar characters, especially as it could potentially plant the seeds for future stories to intersect with the events of the movies. And with shooting back in full swing, set photos won’t be too far behind, so we could be seeing our first glimpse of the series in the very near future.