Titans Season 3 Set Photo Features Nightwing Actor Brenton Thwaites


If it wasn’t for COVID-19, we’d be enjoying new episodes of Titans right now. Sadly, however, the show was a victim of unlucky timing, with the shoot scheduled to begin as the virus hit and lockdowns got underway. All plans were quickly put on ice and production was delayed until the fall. Now, though, Titans is officially back before the cameras, with cinematographer Boris Mojsovski sharing a photo (see below) of himself with Nightwing actor Brenton Thwaites from the set and calling him “one of my favorite movie stars.”

Season 3 marks big changes for Titans both on and off the screen. It’ll premiere on HBO Max rather than DC Universe and will see major evolutions for the characters. For example, Thwaites’ Dick Grayson will be graduating from Robin to Nightwing, which will have him don an updated costume and fight with new weapons. In an interview with Collider last summer, he teased that Nightwing has been coming for a long time, saying:

“When I signed onto this, in an early meeting, they were telling me in the first season, it would be about the transition of Dick becoming Nightwing. That’s where all that training came from, in the preparation that I would become Nightwing. But, the way the story had it, we had other elements to deal with, so we went down a different path. The whole time I was very anxious to read the pages of what the story and the journey of Dick growing into Nightwing would be.”

Thwaites also explained how his new costume builds on what worked before as Robin, stating:

“We pitched a few ideas to change the suit in a way that we can still use the outline of the original suit because they are so time-consuming and expensive to make. It’s better for us to enhance the one we’ve already got. We’re working on different ways for Nightwing to have more gadgets.”

In addition to Nightwing, we’re going to see Curran Walters’ Jason Todd as the gun-toting antihero Red Hood, a new take on ex-Batgirl Barbara Gordon who’s followed in her father’s footsteps and become the Gotham City Police Commissioner, the return of Donna Troy and more Iain Glen as Batman. One element that I think sounds particularly cool is the show’s Scarecrow, who appears to have been recruited by the GCPD to profile other supervillains in a Hannibal-style twist.

Titans‘ third season will likely air in October 2021, so there’s quite a wait yet. Still, fans can be reassured that season 4 is apparently already greenlit, so right now it looks like the series has a bright future on HBO Max.