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‘WandaVision’ fans feeling smug over their fave remaining unbeaten at the Emmys

Its record remains unmatched.

Elizabeth Olsen in character and grimacing as scarlet witch wandavision
Marvel Studios

The full Emmy nominations for this year’s ceremony were revealed this Tuesday, and while Marvel Studios’ output racked up a few noms, it wasn’t exactly a red-letter day for the House of Ideas. That makes a sharp contrast to last year’s Emmys, at which WandaVision managed to blow away all expectations by landing a whopping 23 nominations, including major categories like Leading Actor and Actress.

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This year, however, the most highly decorated show from Marvel was Moon Knight, which brought home eight nominations, in such categories as Cinematography for a Limited Series. Loki, meanwhile, accrued six noms, with What If…? earning three — including a posthumous honor for Chadwick Boseman — and Hawkeye bringing up the rear with two. Altogether, that makes 19 nominations. So all four series together still failed to match WV‘s total.

And WandaVision stans are feeling pretty smug about that right now, with Scarlet Witch diehards throwing not-so-subtle shade on the Marvel shows that have followed it on Twitter.

It’s still superior.

… And supreme.

Says a lot.

Technically, I think she wears a tiara, but whatever.

Try not to dreamwalk into another universe where it’s not.

The WV crowd vs. Doctor Strange 2 war continues.

Not to dismiss the achievements of Moon Knight and the like, whose nominations include Costuming, Sound Mixing, and Stunt Coordination, but WV remains the only MCU show to date to garner attention in the highly coveted writing, directing, and acting categories.

Of course, what WandaVision loyalists aren’t saying is that the Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany vehicle only actually won three out of those 23 nominations. So it’s very possible that either Moon Knight and Loki could beat it out on wins, even if they didn’t acquire as many noms. We’ll have to find out how Marvel fares when the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards are revealed this September.