Watch: New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Promo Teases The Final Conclusion

The Clone Wars

We’re finally here, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars is officially getting into the show’s last story arc ever; the Siege of Mandalore.

The seventh and final season of the hit animated series has been slowly building up to this moment ever since it came back in February. After reintroducing several fan-favorite Clone characters and showing the latest battlefront in the war against the Droid Army, the show brought back Ahsoka and told us what happened to the former Jedi Padawan after leaving the Order for good.

Now, with the Mandalorians asking her to help them take back their home planet, this will be the start of the final 4-episode story arc, probably forever. The highly anticipated Siege of Mandalore will feature the return of many characters, including Anakin and Obi-Wan, and if Filoni’s words are anything to go by, the finale will actually tie into Revenge of the Sith and even show us Order 66.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, the newly released promo has a lot to offer in terms of what we can expect from the remaining episodes. For one thing, Ahsoka will get the chance to reunite with the Clones and the Jedi. They may even launch the assault together. Additionally, Darth Maul delivers some cool lines about the power of the Dark Side and the looming shadow of the Empire.

Last but not least, the promo has a definitive tone to it, hailing the end of an era, with color schemes that closely resemble Revenge of the Sith, including the traditional Clone Wars logo, but this time, it’s in red.

Obviously, we know where several characters will end up owing to Revenge of the Sith and other OT-related media, but it’ll definitely be interesting to see where Ahsoka decides to go after the dust has settled and what becomes of her during Order 66. Even more heartbreaking will be the last scene between her and Anakin before his fall to the dark side, so get ready for a whole lot of emotional punches.

Tell us, though, how do you think Star Wars: The Clone Wars will end? And will it really affect the Skywalker Saga in a fundamental way like Ashley Eckstein recently teased? Sound off in the usual place below.