Watchmen Is Reportedly Getting A Second Season


Most successful movies and TV shows tend to generate either sequels or second seasons, but Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ seminal Watchmen has never exactly been regarded as a straightforward property to adapt.

The feature film version spent over two decades trapped in development hell before Zack Snyder finally brought it over the finish line, only for the theatrical release to underperform at the box office, although the Director’s Cut and Ultimate Cut generated plenty of additional home video revenue. A decade later, Watchmen was brought to HBO by Damon Lindelof, who set his story in a different pocket of the same universe, and the nine-episode run was showered in critical acclaim before going on to win eleven Emmys from 26 nominations.

Watchmen was originally announced as an ongoing series, but once Lindelof dropped out as showrunner, any further plans were shelved, with HBO president Casey Bloys admitting that they have no intentions to produce additional installments. However, insider Daniel Richtman claims that season 2 is happening, although the tipster doesn’t expound on his intel, which directly contradicts the two people almost entirely responsible for making the show in the first place.

Sure, Bloys did give it the old ‘never say never,’ but that’s the sort of non-committal response that’s par for the course in the entertainment industry, while Lindelof was a lot more firm in his belief that more Watchmen was unlikely. Fans would love to see it happen, and the advent of HBO Max means there’s always going to be a desire for fresh content capable of drawing in new subscribers, but the opacity of Richtman’s information means that we don’t have much to go on in terms of specifics.