All ‘Chainsaw Man’ arcs in order, listed

Power and Denji from Chainsaw Man
Image via MAPPA

Chainsaw Man takes readers into a world where Devils roam free, feeding on humanity’s fears to grow in power. When Denji, a human teen, merges with his pet Devil, Pochita, he transforms into the Chainsaw Man, a powerful hybrid with chainsaws for a head and arms. The series was created by Tatsuki Fujimoto and began serialization in 2018, running until 2020 before entering a hiatus. In July 2022, new chapters started being released once more, and later in the year, the series received an anime adaptation.

The anime was considered the most anticipated release of Fall 2022, and it certainly lived up to expectations. Shortly after its premiere, Chainsaw Man climbed to the top of most-viewed rankings everywhere, and its manga registered a huge spike in sales. This allowed Chainsaw Man to make it into the bestselling manga list, with an average of 20 million sales thus far.

So, let’s take a look at the favorable arcs in the ever-popular manga.

Chainsaw Man‘s story arcs

Chainsaw Man
Screengrab via Crunchyroll

If you’re new to the series, worry not, you’re still well in time to catch up. Currently, the Chainsaw Man manga is divided into 10 story arcs, which make up two parts, known as sagas. Bear in mind, however, that the series is still ongoing, meaning that this information will suffer alterations as new content is released.

Part 1 – Public Safety Saga

  • Introduction arc – Manga chapters 1-4, anime episodes 1-2
  • Bat Devil arc – Manga chapters 5-12, anime episodes 2-5
  • Eternity Devil arc – Manga chapters 13-21, anime episodes 5-7
  • Katana Man arc – Manga chapters 22-39, anime episodes 8-present
  • Bomb Girl arc – Manga chapters 40-52
  • International Assassins arc – Manga chapters 53-70
  • Gun Devil arc – Manga chapters 71-79
  • Control Devil arc – Manga chapters 80-97

Part 2 – Academy Saga

  • Justice Devil arc – Manga chapters 98-111
  • Unnamed current arc – Manga chapters 112-present

The Chainsaw Man manga is available to read on MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA, and you can also watch the anime on Crunchyroll or Hulu.