3 From Hell Blu-Ray Confirmed For October, Includes 4-Part Documentary

The Devil's Rejects

Those who were unable to attend the limited three-night-only screenings of 3 From Hell will only have to wait less than a month before being able to watch the gory film on Blu-Ray. And those who do choose to purchase it will also get an array of great bonus features, including audio commentary from director Rob Zombie himself and a four-part documentary that explores how his latest movie was made. The flick will also come with an unrated cut that’s somehow even more gratuitously violent, depraved and sadistic than the theatrical version.

Of course, the last time audiences saw the Firefly family back in 2005 they were speeding towards a police barricade with their guns blazing. Plenty of cops were returning their fire and it seemed that there was no possible way that the trio could make it out of this precarious situation alive. Yet, they’re somehow all still breathing in 3 From Hell, which picks up right where The Devil’s Rejects left off.

The gang does, however, end up finally paying for their actions. They’re immediately captured after their shootout and thrown behind bars. Otis (Bill Moseley), Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) and Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) begin plotting their escape after years of incarceration though and will likely spring themselves from imprisonment before too long. At some point, the antiheroes will also meet up with Richard Brake’s new character Foxy, who looks like he’s just as psychotic as they are.

The Blu-Ray of 3 From Hell is available to pre-order via the link below and will be released on October 15th. All of the added bonus features make this a great gift for the horror fanatic in your life and for anyone who missed the flick’s brief theatrical run or just wants more of the deranged Firefly family, it’ll surely be a must-buy.