Amber Heard Reportedly Returning To Voice Mera In Animated DCEU Show


Warner Bros. Animation is famed for its DC content, churning out a steady stream of feature films and TV shows featuring the comic book company’s vast back catalogue of characters, generating plenty of acclaim from both fans and critics.

Next month’s Batman: The Long Halloween will mark the tenth superhero movie the outfit has released since the beginning of 2020, with theatrical exclusive DC League of Super-Pets recently recruiting some big names. On top of that, a third season of Harley Quinn has been ordered, Aquaman: King of Atlantis is coming to HBO Max later this year, while Batman: Caped Crusader and My Adventures with Superman were both announced for the streaming service as well not too long ago.

So far, none of the animation division’s projects have crossed over with the canonical DCEU, but insider Daniel Richtman is nonetheless reporting that Amber Heard is locked in to voice Mera in a 2D project that’s presumably set in the same world as the big screen blockbusters. That’s about the extent of the information on offer, although it’s just the latest in an increasingly long line of destinations that the tipster has named for the actress.

We can throw this onto the list along with the live-action Mera show, the role Marvel are “seriously considering” awarding her, which may or may not be Fantastic Four‘s Sue Storm, Margot Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff, a live-action version of Rapunzel, a part in the expanded Star Wars universe, a Drive Angry sequel with Nicolas Cage, multiple Netflix projects, one of which involves Brie Larson, an Oscar-caliber gig and the Fast & Furious franchise. So, our advice is to dump a big ol’ pile of salt on the whole thing for now until at least one of the aforementioned projects is actually announced.