New Suicide Squad Extended Cut Featurette Spotlights Harley And The Joker


Suicide Squad may have released back in August, but it’s certainly not looking to leave the public sphere any time soon. After finishing its box office run this week with an impressive $745.5 million, it’s now time to look forward to the film’s Extended Cut, which hits Digital HD this Tuesday and Blu-ray on December 13th.

From what we’ve heard, it’ll come packing an additional 13 minutes of never before seen footage, which Warner Bros. has been busy teasing, and will hopefully present an improved version of what we saw in theatres. Not that Suicide Squad was a total disaster, mind you, but it certainly had its fair share of problems – chief amongst them being the fact that the studio cut a whole lot of footage featuring Jared Leto’s Joker.

Speaking of the Clown Prince of Crime, it’s the villain who takes center stage in this new featurette that we have for you here today, alongside his beloved Harley Quinn. As arguably two of the most interesting characters in the film, it’s nice to see this new clip put the focus on them, taking us behind the scenes and offering up brief interview footage with the beautiful Margot Robbie.

It’s presumably just a snippet of a more fleshed out Blu-ray bonus feature that’ll be revealed in full come December, but it’s a nice tease regardless and has us looking forward to the Extended Cut. As we’ve mentioned before, Suicide Squad had some issues, but there were still enough bright spots sprinkled throughout to have us eager to see more of Task Force X in both this new version of the film and in future sequels, which are all but confirmed at this point.

Tell us, were you a fan of David Ayer’s latest effort, and will you be re-visiting it when it arrives on Blu-ray? Sound off in the usual place and let us know.