Batwoman Could Be Cancelled Due To Low Ratings


Batwoman has gotten off to a pretty rough start. Even before the premiere, the show seemed to be in trouble. Whether it was the titular star alienating a large segment of the potential audience or poor reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, it looked like The CW’s next big project was facing a tough uphill battle.

Now, our sources – the same ones who informed us of both the Green Lantern show and the Arrow spinoff before they were officially announced – are telling us that Batwoman may already be staring cancellation in the face. We’ve been told by people in the know that the show could soon be axed due to lackluster ratings and a continued inability to draw in a big audience. Executives are likely to give the series at least one more season to attempt to right the ship, but right now, things are looking dire for Gotham City’s feminist vigilante.

There is, of course, still time for the show to turn things around. Unfortunately, though, that may be tough to do. Recent trends say that the ratings for Batwoman have been steadily decreasing ever since its premiere last month. This week’s episode was the lowest point for the series thus far, drawing in just 1.16 million viewers. The amount of those who later watched on DVR has yet to be calculated, but it probably won’t end up helping the overall rating as much as those in charge would like.

Hopefully Batwoman will find its footing in the near future. They can start by throwing in more villains that fans love and potentially mixing up their approach to the storyline. The CW is expected to give the series at least a little more time before pulling the plug, too, which means everyone who’s loved what they’ve seen so far should urge their friends to tune in. If not, then Gotham City’s female guardian could soon be out of work.