Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Could Appear In She-Hulk Show

Daredevil Cancelled

The future of the Netflix Marvel characters has been a subject of some debate in recent weeks, with most looking to be carried over to Disney-managed properties, albeit with some recasting. In the case of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, however, it seems like we’ll be seeing the hero reappear in several Marvel movies, with a more toned down fourth season also on the cards.

What’s more is we’re hearing now that while the studio are still deciding when and where will be best to bring the character into the MCU, they’re considering the option of making him part of the She-Hulk show on Disney Plus. At least, that’s according to our sources, the same ones who told us about the series way back in April and who said General Ross would return in it, which is now confirmed.

We haven’t had a huge amount of news recently on She-Hulk, other than hints we’ll be seeing Bruce Banner and possibly some characters from the original MCU movies in it. Given that it won’t arrive on our screens for at least another few years, though, there’s plenty of time for the logistics to be arranged for adding Matt Murdock to the series. And furthermore, Marvel’s apparent flexibility with the Defenders-verse should make it straightforward to retcon some of Daredevils mythology if needed.

In terms of how Murdock could team up with She-Hulk, the most obvious connection is their shared profession as lawyers. As a result, Murdock could appear as part of a legal case opposing Jennifer Walters, before revealing his alter ego over the course of the series. It’s also worth noting that Walters operates out of New York, making it likely she could crossover with Daredevil, and possibly even the other Defenders.

Of course, nothing’s confirmed just yet, and the exact way Daredevil will be introduced to the MCU after the current Netflix rights agreement expires is reportedly still being worked out. It does seem that Marvel have big plans for Charlie Cox’s take on the character, though, including a standalone movie, while multiple reports have confirmed that Daredevil’s being fast tracked into the MCU. In any case, we’ll bring you further updates on Marvel’s official plans for Cox and She-Hulk as soon as we have them, but for now, it’s definitely looking like they want to do justice to the Netflix version of the character.