HBO Max Reportedly Discussing Batman: The Animated Series Sequel

Batman: The Animated Series

As one of the most heavily-adapted characters in popular culture, there are unlimited ways that the Dark Knight can be reinvented, rebooted, reimagined and reinterpreted for any target audience, but one of the very best spins on the comic book icon came in Batman: The Animated Series, which made Kevin Conroy the definitive Bruce Wayne for an entire generation.

Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Mitch Brian approached a Saturday morning cartoon with the utmost respect, creating a mature and complex program that dealt with the sort or heavy themes and intricate storytelling that animated superhero shows were hardly renowned for. As a result, Batman: The Animated Series was received as an instant classic, and by the time the final episode aired in September 1995, it was regarded as one of the finest animations of the modern era.

For the last quarter of a century, the show’s popularity has never waned, and it’ll find an even bigger audience in just over a week when it migrates to the HBO Max library on January 1st along with the rest of the content currently found on DC Universe. Not only that, but insider Daniel Richtman now claims that the streaming service could be going one step further, as talks about a sequel series of some sort are apparently underway.

No further details are available at the moment, but you’d imagine the fans fully supporting the idea. After all, Kevin Conroy’s Batman and Mark Hamill’s Joker are a lot of people’s favorite combination of the Caped Crusader and the Clown Prince of Crime, and balancing nostalgia for the original run with a fresh take on the mythology to draw in new viewers almost makes a Batman: The Animated Series revival a no-brainer on Warner Bros.’ part.