Korra Will Reportedly Be Bisexual From The Start In Live-Action Legend Of Korra

The Legend of Korra

It would be hard to understate the effects on the animation fandom when the eponymous heroine of The Legend of Korra was revealed to be bisexual in the series’ 2014 finale. Some saw Korra’s now-famous kiss with the character Asami as a cathartic step forward for the characters and LGBTQ representation as a result. But others saw it as an inorganic plot twist that received scarcely any buildup and felt more like a bid for audience attention than a satisfying bookend to the characters’ journey.

The arguments over this plot point still rage to this day, but Netflix seems to be planning on satisfying both halves of the audience with its planned live-action adaptation of the 2012 sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. And that’s because sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us the streaming site is developing a Witcher prequel series and that Hopper will return in Stranger Things season 4, both of which were correct – say that the new Legend of Korra will establish the young Avatar as openly bisexual from the very first episode.

Of course, the show still appears to be in its planning stages so this may change before production begins, given the fickle nature of big budget projects, but the development certainly makes sense for a reinterpretation of the original cartoon’s story. Keeping Korra’s sexuality as a twist won’t surprise anyone the second time around, after all.

In any case, we’ll ultimately have to wait a while before knowing for sure, as Netflix has yet to even officially announce the remake, let alone set a release date for it. And though there may still be some ways to go before seeing Korra’s adventure in live-action, with Avatar: The Last Airbender consistently trending on Netflix and the original Legend of Korra hitting the platform this August, there’s definitely enough to keep us busy in the meantime.