The Mandalorian Will Reportedly Have A Big Role In Ahsoka Tano TV Show

Ahsoka Tano

Given both the disappointing reactions to the recent movies and the success of The Mandalorian, the future of Star Wars may lay on the small screen. The Disney era of the franchise hasn’t exactly gone down a storm with fans, and it seems as though every big screen project has been plagued by behind the scenes turmoil in some way, with Kathleen Kennedy still holding on to her role as Lucasfilm President despite the finger of blame being frequently and very firmly pointed in her direction.

Luckily for us she doesn’t seem to have much involvement with Mando’s adventures, and Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have done a great job so far in proving that you can make something great set in a galaxy far, far away without having to tie every single thing back to the Original Trilogy in some fashion.

We’ve already heard that the studio are planning on building an MCU-style shared universe for their small screen Star Wars universe with Favreau and Filoni at the helm, and now it looks like Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin could be set to branch out and appear in one of the many proposed Mandalorian spinoffs alongside Ahsoka Tano.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources who originally told us Ahsoka would be appearing in the upcoming second season of the Disney Plus hit months before it was announced – her live-action debut will lead to a spinoff series in the future. Furthermore, while the smart money was already on Mando making at least a cameo appearance, we’ve now heard that he’ll actually play a decent-sized recurring role in order to provide some connective tissue between the two shows.

Of course, we’ve also heard that Mando could be revealed as Force-sensitive, leading to Ahsoka training him in the ways of the Jedi. And, when coupled with this latest bit of intel, it certainly appears that the relationship between the two fan favorites will serve as the foundation for Disney Plus’ entire Star Wars universe as it continues to grow and expand.