She-Hulk Reportedly Renewed For Season 2 Already


The methods with which audiences now consume television may have evolved considerably since the rise of the streaming service, but it’s still very much a ratings-driven industry. If a network show doesn’t pull in the expected numbers then it’ll get canceled, while Netflix canned a huge number of expensive small screen exclusives last year, in what was a combination of cost cutting measures brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic and the low viewership figures many of them were posting.

However, Disney Plus’ roster of Marvel Cinematic Universe projects could theoretically go on for as long as Kevin Feige sees fit. Not only is the Mouse House’s platform projected to match, if not eclipse, Netflix’s subscriber numbers by the end of next year, but being part of the world’s most successful franchise guarantees that all of them are virtually a lock to rank among the most-watched shows on streaming.

Of course, we’re not even halfway through WandaVision yet, but we’ve now heard that a second season of She-Hulk has already been given the green light. And seeing as this intel comes from the same sources who first told us about the show months before it was announced, we’ve no reason to doubt it.

After all, Feige recently confirmed that the series will be a half-hour legal comedy set in the MCU, and that’s the sort of premise that could be stretched out across years, with Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters defending all sorts of famous comic book characters in the courtroom. She-Hulk isn’t set to premiere until mid-2022, but the studio are clearly confident enough in the concept if discussions are underway over bringing it back when cameras haven’t even started rolling on the first run.