Saw TV Series Reportedly In Development


“Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you, not any more…”

If you thought the Saw franchise was dead and buried, you’d be very much mistaken. Not only is a reboot starring Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock officially in the works, but it looks like a Saw TV series is also in the early stages of active development, too.

That’s right, according to sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us Bill Murray was returning in Ghostbusters 3, and that a Scream reboot was on the way, both of which are now confirmed – the iconic serial killer with a penchant for twisted justice is making his way to the small screen. Concrete details remain scarce, though we’ve heard that the rumored project will be connected to James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s prolific horror franchise. However, it’s currently unclear how both the TV series and movies will interrelate with one another. Further still, we also know that the studio is yet to decide on a streaming network for the upcoming show.

Eight films deep – with the aforementioned ninth installment in the pipeline as well – the Saw series went on to proliferate amongst comics, video games, as well as even theme park rides and haunted house attractions. Interestingly, the beloved horror franchise also helped popularize the “torture porn” sub-genre, though the original filmmakers – Wan and Whannell – aren’t particularly fond of that specific classification.

With Lionsgate already developing sequels, whilst also moving forward the release date by five months for Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson’s upcoming Saw reboot, it’s clear that the studio has some big plans for the cat-and-mouse horror franchise. And even though details remain scarce, we think a Saw TV show could well be a winner for all you gore-hounds out there.

But what say you? Would you interested in playing a game when a Saw TV series arrives on a network near you? Or does the very idea deserve to be locked away in a dilapidated bathroom for all of eternity? Go ahead and let us know down below!