Marvel Reportedly Planning To Have Hulk Fight [SPOILERS]


Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk could be about to battle one of his biggest comic book adversaries in the MCU. The Jade Giant’s had a pretty wild ride in the franchise so far, but due to the lack of any solo movies since 2008, there’s still a lot from Hulk lore that’s yet to be brought to the screen. Thankfully, She-Hulk will begin to put this right, with Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters hopefully paving the way for many other Hulked-out characters to appear in the universe.

Sure enough, all the signs are pointing to Red Hulk turning up in the MCU before long. As comic book readers know, General Ross transforms into the crimson creature after he voluntarily undergoes the process to better fight Bruce Banner. William Hurt’s now-Secretary of State has become a recurring presence in the franchise, although he’s yet to turn into his infamous alter ego. This looks to be on the horizon, though, as we’re hearing that Marvel is planning to pit Hulk against Red Hulk.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who previously informed us that a She-Hulk Disney Plus series was happening well before it was announced – Ross will turn into Red Hulk at some point soon and fight Banner’s Hulk. We don’t yet know where this will occur, but Hurt is known to be reprising his role in Black Widow and is likely to do so again in She-Hulk. After that, he’ll no doubt be involved in the Thunderbolts project, seeing as Red Hulk is often their leader.

Of course, Ross’ role as an antagonist has been played down since his return in Captain America: Civil War. While he’s still depicted as an obstacle to the Avengers, through the Sokovia Accords storyline, his typically blowhard personality has been pulled back a bit, explained away as his gaining a new attitude following a heart attack scare. But if he’s about to transform into Red Hulk and smash it out with Banner, he might be about to revert to his old ways.

She-Hulk is shooting now ahead of its arrival on Disney Plus sometime in 2022.