Daredevil’s Reportedly Returned Home To Marvel As Rights Revert Early


Ever since Daredevil was cancelled by Netflix in late 2018, fans have been praying that Marvel would bring back Charlie Cox as the Man Without Fear elsewhere in the MCU. The hitch was, though, that Netflix retained the rights to the show’s characters for a full two years after its end. So Marvel couldn’t do anything with Matt Murdock until after late 2020. At least, that’s what we thought. It seems the ban might’ve actually been lifted a few months early, though.

MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad posted an exciting tweet this afternoon. “Sounding like someone had an earlier homecoming than expected…” the insider wrote, followed by a GIF of Matt and Foggy celebrating in the offices of Nelson & Murdock. Conrad appears to be saying, then, that Marvel has come to a deal with Netflix to let them use the hero ASAP and that the rights have reverted early. Which is funny, considering that just the other week, he claimed that Daredevil wouldn’t return home until November.

Whether he got mixed up or just had the wrong information, we can’t say for sure, but here’s his Tweet – which backs up our own scoop from several months ago, when we reported that the rights would be back at Marvel in early 2020.

The timing of this could say it all. Spider-Man 3 was supposed to go before cameras as soon as this summer, and while that’s likely not happening anymore because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Marvel would’ve probably already been knee-deep in the legal side of getting DD back before all this started. In other words, this news adds more fuel to the fire that the hornhead is about to meet the webhead.

Conrad previously theorized that the delay to S-M3 could be a good thing as it’d mean DD could show up. Now, it seems we didn’t even need the delay to make it possible. Of course, we’ll have to wait on more information before we start whooping with joy, but the odds are looking good for not only Daredevil’s big comeback but also for that heroes of Queens/Hell’s Kitchen crossover we’ve been waiting on.

A role in Spider-Man 3 could even lead to a revived Daredevil TV series, with the rest of the Netflix cast returning, too. Likewise, others Defenders will be brought back in the MCU as well, though some will be recast.