With Trump back on Facebook and Roiland falling from grace, we need ‘Cocaine Bear’ more than ever

Cocaine Bear Poster
Image via Universal Pictures

Less than a month into the new year, Justin Roiland has cut ties with Adult Swim, Percy Hynes White may not be returning to Wednesday, and M&M’s has somehow found itself in the midst of a chocolaty culture war. Oh, and Donald Trump is back on Facebook. Welcome to 2023.

It’s clear that the world needs a hero, and thankfully, we’ve found one. Enter Cocaine Bear.
We agree with this eloquent Letterboxd enthusiast.

Our problems are far too big for our teddy bear to solve, and you can forget about Winnie the Pooh. We need an uncut hit of Cocaine Bear, and we need it now. Sure, there are plenty of upcoming films in February to pull society out of our funk, yet none are more anticipated than this Elizabeth Banks-directed, semi-true tale of cocaine-fueled bear rage, whose surprisingly great cast includes Keri Russell (The Americans), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family), the somewhat bear-adjacent Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones), BoJack Horseman legend Margo Martindale, and the late, great Ray Liotta.

There’s no sugar coating it; this dumpster fire of a January is proof that we’re living in a simulation, marked by mass shootings, top-secret document shenanigans, and an ongoing war in Ukraine — and if there’s no way out of this madness, the only thing left to do share some uneasy laughs. And Cocaine Bear, from the trailer alone, certainly looks to deliver more than a few of those.

After all, it’s a thriller-comedy about a bear doing cocaine and killing people. What’s not to like? Stop being so scary, 2023, Cocaine Bear has us covered. In theaters, Feb. 23.