Blood Red Sky Sequel Reportedly In The Works At Netflix

Blood Red Sky

Vampires-on-a-plane thriller Blood Red Sky has been a major hit for Netflix, consistently doing well in the rankings for the most-watched content on the streaming platform. Indeed, the horror movie has combined a big impact with subscribers alongside a decent critical response, and it now appears that Netflix are developing Blood Red Sky 2 as a follow-up.

According to Giant Freakin Robot, the success of the German-produced Blood Red Sky was likely a surprise for Netflix, who reportedly want more from the world established by Peter Thorwarth’s picture. How exactly the producers will be able to develop the franchise is another issue, especially if they don’t want to retread the gonzo plane plotline, but it’s not difficult to imagine a sequel fleshing out the mythology of the vampires we’ve seen so far.

Blood Red Sky introduced vampirism as a condition that accelerates with subsequent feedings, to the point that those affected become increasingly feral and monstrous. In addition, the hijacking storyline and the lengths lead character Nadja goes to in order to protect her son and fight her bloodlust have been praised for moving beyond its high concept to find an emotional undercurrent.

Blood Red Sky

Although official confirmation and details of Blood Red Sky 2 are pending, Netflix’s enthusiasm for the project demonstrates the reliability of the horror genre for the online giant over the last few years. Recent hits such as the Fear Street trilogy, His House, and Army of the Dead, have proven that viewers will flock to horror pictures, while there’s also been plenty of mileage in series and miniseries tackling the supernatural and similar themes.

What may end up being the greatest challenge for a Blood Red Sky sequel, though, is maintaining the innovation of its predecessor, considering the risk of devolving its ideas into something more predictable. A good comparison here, and one made by reviews, could be how From Dusk Till Dawn‘s sequels struggled to reproduce the careful balance of strong writing and characterization with gory thrills. Let’s hope, then, that Blood Red Sky 2 can justify its existence.