Dave Bautista Reportedly Working On Die Hard-Style Movie For Netflix

Dave Bautista is becoming a bigger and bigger name in Hollywood, and he was already globally famous to begin with due to his wrestling career. He might be ready to leave the MCU behind as Drax, the former WWE star but he’s got various other blockbuster projects on the way. He’ll next be seen in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune and he’s reuniting with Spectre co-star Daniel Craig for the sequel to Knives Out, which is on its way to Netflix.

This will be Bautista’s second Netflix movie, following Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead earlier this year. And it looks like the Guardians of the Galaxy star is keen to continue this lucrative partnership with the streaming giant beyond these two movies, too. We’ve heard from our reliable sources – the same ones who told us Netflix was working on Enola Holmes 2 before that was confirmed – that Bautista has had talks with the studio about doing a Die Hard-style film.

No more details are available at this time, but from what we’re hearing, Bautista really wants to do something that can be favorably compared with the iconic Bruce Willis vehicle and he’s already started discussions with Netflix to develop it. It’s also likely that Bautista is keen to do a project where he is squarely in the lead role, as many of his most notable movies involve him as part of an ensemble cast, as is the case with Dune and Knives Out 2.

Back in 2018, Bautista starred in action flick Final Score, which the actor himself described as “Die Hard in a soccer stadium”, but this British co-production only had a very limited release. So the door is open for him to work with Netflix on another attempt to ape the magic of the John McTiernan-directed classic. We’ll bring you more on this mystery project as and when it comes in. In the meantime, catch Bautista in Dune when it arrives in theaters and on HBO Max on October 22nd.